Agents of Geek writes a lovely post on lil' ol' us'

Agents of Geek writes a lovely post on lil' ol' us'

If you don’t know Love and Madness, they have created unique and gorgeous pieces from some of the best fandoms like Star Wars, The Walking Dead, and Disney.  Their Madness Wrap collection is the best thing ever. I own the Star Wars: A New Hope opening crawl wrap bracelet and it’s just spectacular.

Love and Madness posted on instagram a sneak peek of their newest wrap bracelet and it’s a WONDER WOMAN WRAP BRACELET.











LOVE AND MADNESS announced last year that they were creating a Wonder Woman collection and I just about died. I’ve been waiting for this jewelry line and to get to a sneak peek of one of the items has made my day!! Keep an out for more items from Love and Madness and if you are looking for new pieces to add to your jewelry box right now, may I suggest this adorable Leia necklace or the highly detailed Alice in Wonderland Rabbit  & clock gold bangle.

Really, you can’t go wrong with anything from Love and Madness.

(Via: Love and Madness Instagram)