Tour Merch isn't what it used to be. Slapping a logo on a t-shirt doesn't cut it. The client and the fan expect more. And they should. 

Madness Merch 

is a division of Love and Madness. We design and deliver. However and whenever. We make it happen. No excuses. 

  • Accessories (tattoos, keychains, jewelry, patches, phone cases, etc.) 
  • Apparel (t-shirts to sequin jackets) 
  • Beauty (cosmetics, candles, etc.) 

An example of this work;  

Client- Bravado 

Tour- Selena Gomez 

Product- Tattoos and Jewelry 

Timeline- 2 weeks from the call to delivery. Drop shipped to each city. 

Selena Gomez Tour

To become a tour client please email